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Academy WEEK 5 – Prompt: Ninjutsu – Elementary  


Grass can be just as hard as the dirt when you fall over and over…and over again.

Grasping chunks of dirt in his fists, Gen growled as he sat up, his back cramping in the process of it.

“S-stupid chakra.” Trying his hardest not to cry, he started to bang his fists into the dirt hard, hitting the ground until his fists were bruised purple. “Stupid ninjas, stupid hand signs, stupid ball, stupid….me”

Breaking down and crying was so bad for his reputation. How would it look if girls saw him at the academy and made fun of him because of the tears falling down his face right now?

For goodness’ sake, they’ve just stopped pulling his cheeks and calling him Genny Pig at the beginning of this school year.

They’d call him Little Baby Gen and make up a nursery rhyme or something in his honor.

Anyway, Nekura-sensei has told him numerous times that he’s been putting too little chakra into everything he does, but Gen doesn’t really get it…chakra control, that is.

Everything would get easier they said. Everything would suddenly add up and make sense.

Who made up that BS?!

Gen stands and stares at the ball he’s trying to balance on. He glares at it, mangling it with his eyes. He imagined it burning in a pit in hell while he sipped cool iced tea in front of it. Him with loads of women on his arm, and the ball in a box on a forest path.

Gen doesn’t like this ball. With every fiber of his being, he was going to freaking stand on this ball and he was going to walk-no he was gonna run away on it. Maybe pick up a cute girl on the way home. Probably Yuubi-sensei.

Marching up to the colorful object swiftly, he gave it a good look.

The ball was mocking him.

“You think you’re all that, right?!” He yells “WELL, I have some news for ya! I am going to jump on you, you are not going to move, you are not gonna bounce, and you are definitely not gonna roll away! Got it?!”

He tapped the ball lightly and backed up a few feet, only to jog forward and jump up high enough to land on top of the ball perfectly.

“OK” Making sure his chakra flow was perfectly centered in the soles of his feet, he slowly stands on the ball and, with some wobbling, finally stands up straight.

He rolls forward a bit, and uses his chakra to help keep himself balanced on the ball. “ALRIGHT”

Within a few seconds, Gen finally got the full hang of using his chakra to roll through the village on the ball. Many…things were destroyed in the process, and Gen got in huge trouble for trying to pick up Yuubi Byakko on his way through Heart Shrine. He somehow got out of it, the reason including rolling away shouting “THEY TRYIN’ TO CATCH ME RIDIN DIRTY”


Academy WEEK 5 - Prompt: Ninjutsu - Elementary

Something really quick I did about Gen and his issues with Ninjutsu.
Fouffey Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
*facepalm* Gen, don't try to kidnap your teacher... orz

Oh well, Genny is growing uuup~~! <3 <3
driannechan Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
xDD Gen ain't gonna listen...but Rion probably already knows. Ehehe
Fouffey Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Ahahah, Rion knows many things about her little brother~ XD;; she can be surprisingly observant.
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